Program to empower the Samurdhi beneficiaries in 2018

There are 02 Samurdhi Bank societies in the Elapatha Divisional Secretariat Division. There are about 4780 families who are Samurdhi beneficiaries. It will provide empowerment of 262 beneficiaries. Allocations for programs planned to be implemented in the Elapatha Divisional Secretariat Division of the year 2018 are as follows.

  Program Number of Implementing   Management Grant Amount 
01 Small and Medium Scale Livelihood Development Program - Samurdhi Arunalu 43


02 Social Development and Environmental Development Program 04 334,260.00
03 Diriya Piyasa Housing Development Program 03 600,000.00
04 Samurdhi Dept. Home Garden Development Program 05


 05 The program for providing mobile sales vehicles 04 200,000.00


It is planned to implement the Agriculture Program, Industrial Development and Marketing Development Program under the Samurdhi Arunalu Small and Medium Livelihood Development Program. Under this program, attention has been paid to small and medium scale retailers and industrialists. Under this, Juki Machines, for the garment industry, has been offered over 50 sets of refrigerators, scales and glasses and other instruments for house sales.

It has been planned to implement home gardine programs for families selected for empowerment under Agri Industry and Home Development Program. In addition, steps are being taken to implement an awareness program at the same time.

The family and the family heads of households who have difficulty living with their children select three disabled families and implement a housing program called Diriya Piyasa.

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